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American Airlines
Durchschnittliche Airlinebewertung:
Aktuelle Bewertungen: 684
Weiterempfehlungen: 83%
Abflughafen: Frankfurt am Main
Zielflughafen: London
Klasse: Economy
Flugdauer: weniger als 2 Stunden
Flugzeugtyp: Airbus A319

Vorschau für Airlinebericht: American Airlines Service was Horrific zur Bewertungsübersicht von American Airlines


1,0 (sehr schlecht)
Preis / Leistungsverhältnis
5,0 (sehr gut)
4,0 (gut)

The punctuality was horrible but that is not the fault of the captain, it was entirely the fault of the understaffed check-in desk. People couldn't get through the long line to check their bags efficiently because there were multiple flights departing at the same time and only 3 counters open. Because of this, the flight left an hour late. Our pilot was able to make up some of the difference and we only arrived 40 minutes late at our destination. The price of the ticket was great, but nothing justifies late departures due to an airlines inability to open another desk or two for check-in.


  Nein, ich würde diese Airline einem Freund nicht weiterempfehlen.


Check In
1,0 (sehr schlecht)
Service vor und während der Reise
3,0 (Mittelmäßig)
1,0 (sehr schlecht)
Mehrsprachige Flugbegleiter
4,0 (gut)
Sauberkeit und Hygiene
5,0 (sehr gut)

The check in counter was slow and understaffed. Because of this several people were late getting to the plane and we left almost an hour late. Many of us had connecting flights and had to rush through the airport in London to our connecting flight. This is unacceptable. Put more staff at the check-in desks.


5,0 (sehr gut)
5,0 (sehr gut)
Angebot und Qualität der Waren
5,0 (sehr gut)
Bedienung und Service
5,0 (sehr gut)

A very short flight so we were served beverages and they were standard.


Technische Ausstattung
5,0 (sehr gut)
Angebot an Filmen und Musik
5,0 (sehr gut)
Angebot von Magazinen
3,0 (Mittelmäßig)
4,0 (gut)

A short flight so there was no inflight entertainment but the stewardesses kept us updated on the schedule.


5,0 (sehr gut)
Reisen mit Kindern
5,0 (sehr gut)
3,0 (Mittelmäßig)
5,0 (sehr gut)

Very nice seats and I am short so I always have plenty of leg room but it is a tight fit for taller people.